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"We already know Thierry Théolier, armourless knight, slayer of the Spectacular Society. But the hype doesn’t mystify us, it which glorifies him as an establishment fighter, as a club and trend terrorist, as an anti-everything paragon, and desperately tries to pin him as a rebel post-adolescent “cool M.C.”. ThTh, as he’s also known as, simply is as true as his texts are, almost organically undergoing his own wording. He instinctively joins the traditional path of 20th century artists, i.e. those who intended to change the relationship to the world and to the other, “ Cabaret Voltaire”, St Germain. ThTh belongs there as a straightforward writer, with his cynical denunciation. Woven into the filigree are his urban torments, visible through his obsession with the Woman, one he dreams as a saint or a muse, immaculate, the double of the autobiographic Dude, a saint himself. But reality spoils everything. Life drowns in the gutter of Illusion and Art wallows in Lie. White screen. There only remains a salutary iconoclasm.” Jean-Marc Scialom (label Nukod)

ThTh works now for the hyperfrench cultural magazine CHRONIC'ART
and votes the life with quotes : "0""1" ; "2" ; "3" ; "4" & "5".

The media process operates in Vivo/ I.R.L/ in situ in PARIS
and all over the social networks and will finish on paper.

The first traces

You can read the Manifesto p. 68 (only in french)

Thanks for your attention and fuck the world.

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