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UN group proposes way forward for "Alliance of Civilizations"

The prime ministers of Spain and Turkey joined outgoing United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan Monday in presenting a report by the High-Level Group of the Alliance of Civilizations to the UN General Assembly. "We should make an active effort to learn more about each other, to understand the source of our differences, and to discover what is best in each other's beliefs and traditions," Annan said. The report found conflicts, terrorism and other recent events -- not religion -- to be behind a rise in tensions across the globe and provided proposals to improve cooperation in a range of areas, including politics, education and media. Read the UNAOC press release and download the report. Yahoo!/Agence France-Presse (12/18), KUNA (Kuwait) (12/19), People's Daily (China) (12/19)


Pas les religions! Alors tout va très bien madame la marquise!

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